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Resolved imaging of extra-solar planets with future 10 100 km optical interferometric arrays
In the recent years, interferometric arrays of optical telescopes have reached sizes of the order of 100 m, but they have yet to produce high-resolution images. The analysis of image formation nowExpand
The Four-Quadrant Phase-Mask Coronagraph. I. Principle
We describe a new type of coronagraph, based on the principle of a phase mask as proposed by Roddier and Roddier a few years ago but using an original mask design found by one of us (D. R.), aExpand
An Introduction to Optical Stellar Interferometry
During the last two decades, optical stellar interferometry has become an important tool in astronomical investigations requiring spatial resolution well beyond that of traditional telescopes. ThisExpand
II High-Resolution Techniques in Optical Astronomy
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the high-resolution techniques in optical astronomy and illustrates that the present trends in the fields concerned with high-resolution observation atExpand