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Permian high pressure rocks—the basement of the Sierra de Limón Verde in Northern Chile
Abstract The gneisses and metabasites of the Sierra de Limon Verde were investigated by P–T–t determinations. The rocks are unique in the Central Andes because of their high pressure metamorphicExpand
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Effects of tiaprofenic acid on urinary pyridinium crosslinks in adjuvant arthritic rats: Comparison with doxycycline
Abstract.Objective and Design: To study the effects of tiaprofenic acid and doxycycline on urinary pyridinium crosslinks and paw swelling in adjuvant arthritic rats, and to gain additionalExpand
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Untersuchung des Laufverhaltens von Streichfarben am Blade bei hohen Produktionsgeschwindigkeiten
There is a sustained trend of ever rising coating speeds which is targeted to achieve a further productivity increase of modern coating plants with large machine widths. However, the objective ofExpand
Investigation of the influence of coolant-lubricant modification on selected effects of pull broaching
The paper presents the results of testing the wear of the tool (pull broach) and a gear wheel splineway surface roughness after the friction node of pull broach/gear wheel (CuSn12Ni2) had beenExpand
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Distribution of Hydrodynamic Pressure in Slide Bearings Applying Lubricants of Different Viscosity
The paper presents the results of tests on the distribution of hydrodynamic pressure in relation to the viscosity of a lubricant, the rotational speed of a journal and bearing load. Two differentExpand
The Use of Laser Texturing the Surface Layer to Modify the Friction Pair Pin-Bushing
This paper presents the methodology and results of laser texturing of the surface layer steel 41Cr4, applied to the manufacture of crankshafts and selected aluminum alloy used for the production ofExpand
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