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Cytological and quantitative characteristics of four cerebral commissures in the rhesus monkey
The number, types, and distribution of distinct classes of axons and glia in four cerebral commissures of the adult rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) were determined using electron microscopic and
The Cerebrospinal Fluid Provides a Proliferative Niche for Neural Progenitor Cells
It is found that the cerebrospinal fluid, which contacts this apical domain, has an age-dependent effect on proliferation, much of which is attributable to Igf2, but that CSF contains other signaling activities as well.
Axon overproduction and elimination in the corpus callosum of the developing rhesus monkey
The coincidence of axon elimination and the increase in synaptic density throughout the primate cerebral cortex during the first 6 postnatal months suggests that supernumerary axons may be lost during a process that results in the local proliferation of synapses from a subset of initial interhemispheric projections.
Mesenchymal/Epithelial Induction Mediates Olfactory Pathway Formation
A cellular and molecular mechanism that facilitates musculoskeletal and vascular development elsewhere in the embryo has been adapted to guide the differentiation of the olfactory pathway in the developing forebrain.
Proliferative and transcriptional identity of distinct classes of neural precursors in the mammalian olfactory epithelium
It is found that Sox2 dose and Meis1 – independent of Pbx co-factors – regulate Ascl1 expression and the transition from lateral to medial precursor state, and a dose-dependent transcriptional network that define distinct OE precursors are identified.
The Premotor Cortex
Development of blobs in the visual cortex of macaques
The area of the primary visual cortex and the number and size of blobs within it are examined in 10 neonatal and 11 adult rhesus monkeys and there is no net loss of modular circuitry.
Disruption of local retinoid‐mediated gene expression accompanies abnormal development in the mammalian olfactory pathway
It is suggested that local retinoid signaling is essential for the normal development of the mammalian olfactory pathway.