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Theorem for Series in Three-Parameter Mittag-Leffler Function
The new result presented here is a theorem involving series in the threeparameter Mittag-Le†er function. As a by-product, we recover some known results and discuss corollaries. As an application, weExpand
Discrete optimization for actuator and sensor positioning for vibration control using genetic algorithms
This paper presents a discrete heuristic optimization technique in order to determine the discrete positions of the active elements in active control systems. Expand
Differential equations for the resolution of LRC electrical circuit
Studies about differential equations provide many mathematical instruments that aid the insight of many practical problems. The goal of this paper is to obtain a differential equation that describesExpand
Obtaining zeros of functions using Python
In this work, the methods mentioned will be implemented in the Python programming language, in order to strengthen programming knowledge in the formation of Engineers, as well as to emphasize the importance of applying numerical methods in practical problems of various engineering areas. Expand
A geometric approach to obtain the positions of collocated actuators and sensors for vibration control
The active vibration control of flexible structures is a relevant topic in many applications, such as smart structures. Commonly, the placement of sensors and actuators is defined by some criterionExpand
Discrete optimization for positioning of actuators and sensors in vibration control using the simulated annealing method
A systematic procedure based on the simulated annealing method to allocate active elements in discrete places, simultaneously with the controller design problem for multiple-input and multiple-output systems. Expand
Analysis of solutions of differential equations of vibratory systems with varied external forces
Several Engineering problems can be modeled from differential equations, analytical and numerical methods can be employed to determine the solutions. Among these problems, applied in the area ofExpand