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[238Pu body distribution in dogs after intravenous administration and early complexon therapy].
The paper is concerned with the assessment of the level and concentration of 238Pu in different organs and tissues of dogs after iv injection of 238Pu-citrate at the amount of 92.5 kBq.kg-1 andExpand
[A comparative evaluation of the efficacy of different methods for the decorporation of plutonium from the respiratory organs].
The behavior of plutonium in the organism and the mechanism of formation of absorbed doses in rats of different age were studied in a comparative aspect. The efficiency of CaDTPA depending on theExpand
[The antibody-producing cell count of rats exposed to polymeric 239Pu].
In experiments with Wistar rats a study was made of the content of antibody-forming cells (AFC) in the spleen at remote times (3 to 12 months) after intravenous injection of 239Pu(IV) in doses ofExpand
[Effects of pentacin on subcellular distribution of Pu-239 nitrate in the lungs of rats].
The method of differential centrifugation has shown that 26% of 239Pu-nitrate injected intratracheally, is detected in cells in 3 h (24.4% of Pu is bound with subcellular organellae). In 24 h theExpand
[Cytogenetic effects of alpha-irradiation due to incorporated 239Pu].
Intravenous injection of plutonium dioxide with 1-2 microns particle sizes in amount of 92.5, 46.3 and 23.2 kBq/kg of body mass increased the yield of chromosome aberrations in bone marrow cells ofExpand
[Frequency of structural chromosome aberrations in the hepatocytes of rats exposed to polymeric 239Pu].
Intravenous injection of polymeric 239Pu(IV) nitrate (166.5, 55.5 and 18.5 kBq/kg body mass) to Wistar rats was shown to produce biphase changes in the frequency of hepatocyte chromosome aberrations.Expand
[Comparative study of hazards of energy plutonium and standard Pu-239 using non stochastic effects].
In experiment with rats it was found that the "energy" Pu is more toxic than standard 239Pu when entered endotracheally. The comparison was made by the non-stochastic effects. The toxicity inExpand
[Plutonium localization in the nuclear fraction of lung cells].
Pu localization in the nuclear fraction isolated from rat pulmonary tissue cells was studied by histoautoradiography. It was found out that 24 h after intratracheal administration of Pu, 93.8% of theExpand