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Dislocation-Driven Nanowire Growth and Eshelby Twist
Hierarchical nanostructures of lead sulfide nanowires resembling pine trees synthesized by chemical vapor deposition revealed a screwlike dislocation in the nanowire trunks with helically rotating epitaxial branch Nanowires, confirming the Eshelby theory of dislocations. Expand
Effect of Nanoscale Morphology on the Conductivity of Polymerized Ionic Liquid Block Copolymers
Polymerized ionic liquid (POIL) block copolymers represent a unique class of materials for fundamental studies of single ion conduction as a function of morphology in microphase-separated polymerExpand
Unexpected consequences of block polydispersity on the self-assembly of ABA triblock copolymers.
It is demonstrated that polydisperse SBS triblockCopolymers self-assemble into periodic structures with unexpectedly enhanced stabilities that greatly exceed those of equivalent monodisperse copolymers, and it is shown that narrow dispersitycopolymers are not required for periodic nanoscale assembly. Expand
Higher manganese silicide nanowires of Nowotny chimney ladder phase.
We report the synthesis, structural identification, and electrical properties of the first one-dimensional (1-D) nanomaterials of a semiconducting higher manganese silicide (MnSi(2-x)) with widthsExpand
Metallic single-crystal CoSi nanowires via chemical vapor deposition of single-source precursor.
The general and rational nanowire synthesis approach will lead to a broad class of silicide nanowires, including those metallic materials that serve as high-quality building blocks for nanoelectronics and magnetic semiconducting Fe(1-x)Co(x)Si suitable for silicon-based spintronics. Expand
Single-Crystal Semiconducting Chromium Disilicide Nanowires Synthesized via Chemical Vapor Transport
Single-crystal CrSi2 nanowires were synthesized for the first time by a chemical vapor transport (CVT) method, using CrSi2 powder as the source material and iodine as the transport reagent.Expand
Microstructure of copolymers formed by the reagentless, mechanochemical remodeling of homopolymers via pulsed ultrasound
The high shear forces generated during the pulsed ultrasound of dilute polymer solutions lead to large tensile forces that are focused near the center of the polymer chain, but quantitativeExpand
Synthesis and applications of metal silicide nanowires
Transition metal silicides represent an extremely broad set of refractory materials that are currently employed for many applications including CMOS devices, thin film coatings, bulk structuralExpand
Ultralong single-crystal metallic Ni2Si nanowires with low resistivity.
Ultralong, single-crystal Ni2Si nanowires sheathed with amorphous silicon oxide were synthesized on a large scale by a chemical vapor transport (CVT) method, using iodine as the transport reagent andExpand
Synthesis and properties of single-crystal FeSi nanowires.
The chemical synthesis of free-standing single-crystal nanowires (NWs) of FeSi, the only transition-metal Kondo insulator and the host structure for ferromagnetic semiconductor Fe(x)Co(1-x)Si, is reported for the first time. Expand