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Heterozygous puffs and bands in Sciara ocellaris comstock (1882).
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Errors in the Elimination of X Chromosomes in SCIARA OCELLARIS.
It was previously assumed that the X-linked recessive mutation, sepia, induced errors in X-chromosome elimination during early embryogenesis of Sciara ocellaris. The results obtained in the presentExpand
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Dosage compensation in sciarids is achieved by hypertranscription of the single X chromosome in males.
Dosage compensation refers to the process whereby females and males with different doses of sex chromosomes have similar amounts of products from sex chromosome-linked genes. We analyzed the processExpand
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Role of microtubules and microtubule organizing centers on meiotic chromosome elimination in Sciara ocellaris.
Spindle formation and chromosome elimination during male meiosis in Sciara ocellaris (Diptera, Sciaridae) has been studied by immunofluorescence techniques. During meiosis I a monopolar spindle isExpand
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Evidence for selective differences in single-band polytene chromosome polymorphism in Sciara ocellaris.
Sciara ocellaris (Bradysia tritici) is a dipteran species characterized by an extensive polymorphism of structural modifications of single bands occurring in the polytene chromosomes. In thisExpand
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Sex chromatin in somatic cells of the Philander opossum quica (Temminck, 1827, Marsupialia).
In both sexes the Brazilian marsupial Philander opossum quica (Temminck, 1827) presents one conspicuous chromocenter in its somatic cells at interphase. The sex chromatin body in ma
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Photoreactivation of U.V.-induced cytoplasmatic lesions in eggs of Sciara ocellaris.
  • A. L. Perondini
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  • International journal of radiation biology and…
  • 1 March 1984
Photoreactivation of Sciara eggs inactivated by U.V. at 254 or 300 nm wave-lengths was observed regardless of whether the lesions were induced in nuclear or cytoplasmic targets. Photoreactivation ofExpand
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[Resistence of Triatoma brasiliensis to fasting].
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[Comparative analysis of the somatic chromosomes of 4 species of marsupials].
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