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J-PAS: The Javalambre-Physics of the Accelerated Universe Astrophysical Survey
The Javalambre-Physics of the Accelerated Universe Astrophysical Survey (J-PAS) is a narrow band, very wide field Cosmological Survey to be carried out from the Javalambre Observatory in Spain with aExpand
Photon spectra from WIMP annihilation
If the present dark matter in the Universe annihilates into standard model particles, it must contribute to the fluxes of cosmic rays that are detected on the Earth and, in particular, to theExpand
Cosmological electromagnetic fields and dark energy
We show that the presence of a temporal electromagnetic field on cosmological scales generates an effective cosmological constant which can account for the accelerated expansion of the universe.Expand
Evolution of density perturbations in f(R) theories of gravity
In the context of f(R) theories of gravity, we study the evolution of scalar cosmological perturbations in the metric formalism. Using a completely general procedure, we find the exact fourth-orderExpand
Cosmic vector for dark energy
In this work we show that the presence of a vector field on cosmological scales could explain the present phase of accelerated expansion of the Universe. The proposed theory contains no dimensionalExpand
Effective Lagrangians for the Standard Model
The notion of effective lagrangian global symmetries in quantum field theory the non-linear model anomalies the symmetries of the standard model the effective lagrangian for QCD the standard modelExpand
Brane-world dark matter.
We show that, in the context of brane-world scenarios with low tension tau=f(4), massive brane fluctuations (branons) are natural dark matter candidates. We calculate the present abundances for bothExpand
Viability of vector-tensor theories of gravity
We present a detailed study of the viability of general vector-tensor theories of gravity in the presence of an arbitrary temporal background vector field. We find that there are six differentExpand
Black Holes in f(R) theories
In the context of f(R) theories of gravity, we address the problem of finding static and spherically symmetric black hole solutions. Several aspects of constant curvature solutions with and withoutExpand
Cosmological magnetic fields from inflation in extended electromagnetism
In this work we consider an extended electromagnetic theory in which the scalar state which is usually eliminated by means of the Lorenz condition is allowed to propagate. This state has been shownExpand