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Panglossian Ideology In The Service Of System Justification: How Complementary Stereotypes Help Us To Rationalize Inequality
According to system justification theory, there is a general social psychological tendency to rationalize the status quo, that is, to see it as good, fair, legitimate, and desirable. This tendency isExpand
Promoting Community Health Resources: Preferred Communication Strategies
Community health promotion efforts involve communicating resource information to priority populations. Which communication strategies are most effective is largely unknown for specific populations. AExpand
Creative education for rapid response team implementation.
  • A. L. Johnson
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of continuing education in nursing
  • 2009
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement advocates implementation of rapid response teams (RRTs) to bring experts to the bedside to assist with patient assessment and treatment. Due to shrinkingExpand
The Mental Representations Of High And Low Entitativity Groups
Abstract The mental representations of two groups were examined. It was predicted that judgments about a low entitativity group would involve the consultation of specific behavioral exemplars,Expand
Model For Community Health Nursing Care: Application To An Integrated Asthma Intervention Program
The article describes the use of a model for community health nursing care applied to an integrated asthma intervention program in an inner-city context. Asthma is a chronic childhood disease withExpand
Perceptions of personal safety in custody among a sample of serious and violent incarcerated young offenders
The new Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) (2003) contains the controversial sentencing option allowing young offenders convicted of certain serious and/or violent offences to receive adult lengthExpand
Start-up of a Secondary Water Supply Company and First Phase Design of a Regional System
Hanson Ditch Company formed the Hanson Secondary Water Company (HSWC) as the entity that will provide pressurized untreated water to new multi-use developments within their historical agriculturalExpand
Improvements in Control and Water Management within the Greeley #2 Canal
The Greeley #2 canal diverts off of the Poudre River in northeastern Colorado. The canal is approximately 45 miles in length with a service area of approximately 35,000 acres. Several years ago,Expand