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The Use of Allelopathic Legume Cover and Mulch Species for Weed Control in Cropping Systems
Traditional weed control practices in Mexico use legumes as cover crops or manures. Legumes used in these practices play a dual role in agroecosystems by protecting the soil from erosion and byExpand
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Allelopathy as a Tool in the Management of Biotic Resources in Agroecosystems
In modern agriculture, natural plant communities may be replaced by a single crop species. Weeds, some microorganisms, and viruses, as well as some herbivores are organisms that should be eliminated.Expand
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Allelochemical stress causes inhibition of growth and oxidative damage in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.
The aim of this study was to analyse the effect of allelochemical stress on Lycopersicon esculentum growth. Our results showed that allelochemical stress caused by Sicyos deppei aqueous leachateExpand
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Metabolism and ecology of purine alkaloids.
In this review, the biosynthesis, catabolism, ecological significance, and modes of action of purine alkaloids particularly, caffeine, theobromine and theophylline in plants are discussed. In theExpand
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Allelochemical Effects of Volatile Compounds and Organic Extracts from Muscodor yucatanensis, a Tropical Endophytic Fungus from Bursera simaruba
Muscodor yucatanensis, an endophytic fungus, was isolated from the leaves of Bursera simaruba (Burseraceae) in a dry, semideciduous tropical forest in the Ecological Reserve El Eden, Quintana Roo,Expand
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Phytogrowth-inhibitory and antifungal constituents of Helianthella quinquenervis.
Investigation on the roots of Helianthella quinquenervis (Hook.) A. Gray (Asteraceae), led to the isolation of one new benzofuran (6-methoxy-tremetone (1)) and a new prenylacetophenoneExpand
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Allelochemical stress produced by the aqueous leachate of Callicarpa acuminata: effects on roots of bean, maize, and tomato.
The in vitro effects of an aqueous leachate (1%) of Callicarpa acuminata Kunth. (Verbenaceae) on radicle growth, protein expression, catalase activity, free radical production and membrane lipidExpand
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Allelochemicals from Stauranthus perforatus, a Rutaceous tree of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
Aqueous leachates and a CHCl3-MeOH (1:1) extract of roots of Stauranthus perforatus showed a significant phytotoxic effect on Amaranthus hypochondriacus and Echinochloa crus-galli. Bioassay-directedExpand
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Pentacyclic Triterpenes with Selective Bioactivity from Sebastiania adenophora Leaves, Euphorbiaceae
Six known pentacyclic triterpenes possessing oleanane, lupane, or taraxerane-type skeletons were isolated from the leaves of Sebastiania adenophora (Euphorbiaceae) and are reported for the first timeExpand
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Perspectives on allelopathy in mexican traditional agroecosystems: A case study in tlaxcala
Agroecosystems in Tlaxcala, Mexico, are surrounded by trees and water channels and have a great variety of cultivated and noncultivated plants. The main results of a study carried out on aExpand
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