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Dynamic Behavior and Stabilization of DC Microgrids With Instantaneous Constant-Power Loads
This paper explores stability issues in dc microgrids with instantaneous constant-power loads (CPLs). DC microgrids typically have distributed power architectures in which point-of-load convertersExpand
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Spatial and Temporal Model of Electric Vehicle Charging Demand
This paper presents a spatial and temporal model of electric vehicle charging demand for a rapid charging station located near a highway exit. Expand
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Stabilization of constant power loads in Dc-Dc converters using passivity-based control
This paper studies the control of DC-DC converters subjected to constant-power loads using a passivity-based technique. Expand
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Identification of Feasible Topologies for Multiple-Input DC–DC Converters
  • A. Kwasinski
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
  • 2 February 2009
This letter studies single-input dc-dc converter topologies that are suitable to be expanded into their multiple-input converter version. The analysis is based on several assumptions, restrictions,Expand
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Quantification of Lifeline System Interdependencies after the 27 February 2010 Mw 8.8 Offshore Maule, Chile, Earthquake
Data on lifeline system service restoration is seldom exploited for the calibration of performance prediction models or for response comparisons across systems and events. This study explores utilityExpand
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Quantitative Model and Metrics of Electrical Grids’ Resilience Evaluated at a Power Distribution Level
This paper presents a framework to systematically measure and assess power grids’ resilience with a focus on performance as perceived by customers at the power distribution level. The proposedExpand
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Multiple-input DC-DC converter topologies comparison
This paper compares multiple-input converters based on four different aspects: cost, potential modularity, reliability, and flexibility. The comparison includes seven multiple-input convertersExpand
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Development of a Markov-Chain-Based Energy Storage Model for Power Supply Availability Assessment of Photovoltaic Generation Plants
A new Markov-chain-based energy storage model to evaluate power supply availability of photovoltaic generation is proposed. Since photovoltaic resources have high output variability subject toExpand
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Dynamic Modeling and Operation Strategy for a Microgrid With Wind and Photovoltaic Resources
This paper presents a dynamic modeling and control strategy for a sustainable microgrid primarily powered by wind and solar energy. Expand
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Analysis of Boundary Control for Buck Converters With Instantaneous Constant-Power Loads
This paper examines a boundary control for dc-dc buck converters subject to instantaneous constant-power loads. These loads introduce a destabilizing nonlinear effect on the converter through anExpand
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