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In vivo human somatic mutation: frequency and spectrum with age.
The number and molecular nature of in vivo mutations in relation to age was studied at the autosomal HLA-A locus in human lymphocytes. Mutant lymphocytes were isolated by immunoselection, cloned atExpand
Molecular nature of in vivo mutations in human cells at the autosomal HLA-A locus.
The mutations present in vivo in normal human cells were studied at the HLA-A locus by isolating mutant lymphocytes using antibody-complement immunoselection and cloning at limiting dilution. TheExpand
The HLA-A mutation assay: improved technique and normal results.
The HLA-A assay for detection of mutant lymphocytes has been modified, principally by incorporation of an overnight-incubation step which has resulted in improved immunoselection. For 83 estimationsExpand