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The relative cost of biomass energy transport
Logistics cost, the cost of moving feedstock or products, is a key component of the overall cost of recovering energy from biomass. In this study, we calculate for small- and large-project sizes, theExpand
Features of gold having micrometer to centimeter dimensions can be formed through a combination of stamping with an elastomeric stamp and an alkanethiol ‘‘ink’’ followed by chemical etching
This letter describes a technique that can be used to produce well‐defined features of gold. The technique involves patterning of a self‐assembled monolayer (SAM) on a gold substrate using anExpand
HIV-1 Latency in Monocytes/Macrophages
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) targets CD4+ T cells and cells of the monocyte/macrophage lineage. HIV pathogenesis is characterized by the depletion of T lymphocytes and by the presenceExpand
TNF and TNF Receptor Superfamily Members in HIV infection: New Cellular Targets for Therapy?
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and TNF receptors (TNFR) superfamily members are engaged in diverse cellular phenomena such as cellular proliferation, morphogenesis, apoptosis, inflammation, and immuneExpand
Development of emission parameters and net energy ratio for renewable diesel from Canola and Camelina
This study estimated the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and net energy ratio (NER) for producing hydrogenation-derived renewable diesel (HDRD) from canola and camelina in Western Canada. Using 1 MJExpand
Life-cycle energy and emission analysis of power generation from forest biomass
Forest harvest residues, which include limbs, branches, and tree tops, have the potential to generate energy. This paper uses a life-cycle assessment to determine the energy input-to-output ratiosExpand
The eEF1A Proteins: At the Crossroads of Oncogenesis, Apoptosis, and Viral Infections
Eukaryotic translation elongation factors 1 alpha, eEF1A1 and eEF1A2, are not only translation factors but also pleiotropic proteins that are highly expressed in human tumors, including breastExpand
HCMV Activates the IL-6-JAK-STAT3 Axis in HepG2 Cells and Primary Human Hepatocytes
Objectives There has been increased interest in the possible role of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) in carcinogenesis during the last decade. HCMV seroprevalence was enhanced in patients withExpand