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Effects of an Integrated Yoga Program in Modulating Psychological Stress and Radiation-Induced Genotoxic Stress in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy
Effects of an integrated yoga program in modulating perceived stress levels, anxiety, as well as depression levels and radiation-induced DNA damage were studied in 68 breast cancer patientsExpand
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Etiology and prognostic factors of acute liver failure in children
Acute liver failure (ALF) is a life-threatening condition characterized by jaundice, encephalopathy and coagulopathy leading to multiorgan failure in a patient with no prior history of liver disease.Expand
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Acute-on-chronic liver failure: consensus recommendations of the Asian Pacific association for the study of the liver (APASL): an update
The first consensus report of the working party of the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL) set up in 2004 on acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) was published in 2009. WithExpand
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Diagnosis and management of acute variceal bleeding: Asian Pacific Association for Study of the Liver recommendations
BackgroundAcute variceal bleeding (AVB) is a medical emergency and associated with a mortality of 20% at 6 weeks. Significant advances have occurred in the recent past and hence there is a need toExpand
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The 25 April 2015 Nepal Earthquake and its Aftershocks
The massive M w = 7.8 earthquake which rocked the Nepal Himalaya on 25 April 2015 is the largest to have occurred in this region in the past 81 years. This event occurred by slip on a ~150 km longExpand
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Practice parameter for electrodiagnostic studies in carpal tunnel syndrome: Summary statement
Orthodromic SNAPs were recorded over the median nerve using needle electrodes at the wrist and elbow after stimulation of the thumb and middle fingers. CMAPs were recorded with concentric needleExpand
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Immune complex glomerulonephritis in patients coinfected with human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C virus.
Human immunodeficiency virus-associated nephropathy (HIVAN), characterized by heavy proteinuria, rapidly progressive renal failure, "collapsing" glomerulopathy, and tubulointerstitial abnormalities,Expand
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Obesity produces various hemodynamic alterations and changes in cardiac morphology that predispose to ventricular dysfunction and heart failure (HF). Obesity may serve as a risk factor for or theExpand
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Lipoprotein glomerulopathy: first report in a Chinese male.
Only seven patients with lipoprotein glomerulopathy have been reported, all in Japanese subjects. We describe the first Chinese patient with lipoprotein glomerulopathy, a 28-year-old man followed forExpand
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Is there a role of abdominal drainage in primarily repaired perforated peptic ulcers
Objective: To compare the survival and post-op complications following primary closure of perforated peptic ulcer by omental patch technique in 4 groups of patients as follows: two-drain group,Expand
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