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Isolation and characterization of PGPR and their effect on growth, yield and nutrient content in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Abstract The aims of our study were to enhance growth, yield and micronutrient status of wheat crop by various combinations of microbial strains (Bacillus megaterium, Arthrobacter chlorophenolicusExpand
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Isoformononetin, a methoxydaidzein present in medicinal plants, reverses bone loss in osteopenic rats and exerts bone anabolic action by preventing osteoblast apoptosis.
PURPOSE Daidzein (Daid) has been implicated in bone health for its estrogen-'like' effects but low bioavailability, unfavorable metabolism and uterine estrogenicity impede its clinical potential.Expand
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Diverse roles of LPA signaling in the intestinal epithelium.
Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) is a lipid mediator that modulates a wide variety of cellular functions. Elevated LPA signaling has been reported in patients with colorectal cancer or inflammatory bowelExpand
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Secretome Cues Modulate the Neurogenic Potential of Bone Marrow and Dental Stem Cells
Dental tissue is emerging as a promising source of stem cells especially in nerve regeneration mainly due to their neural origin and ease of harvest. We isolated dental stem cells from three sources,Expand
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Transgenic overexpression of cardiac actin in the mouse heart suggests coregulation of cardiac, skeletal and vascular actin expression
Previous studies have shown that depletion of cardiac actin by targeted disruption is associated with increased expression of alternative actins in the mouse heart. Here we have studied the effectsExpand
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Isolation and characterization of alborixin from Streptomyces scabrisporus: A potent cytotoxic agent against human colon (HCT-116) cancer cells.
The ethyl acetate extract from the fermentation broth of an actinomycete strain, identified as Streptomyces scabrisporus isolated from soil of Kashmir Himalayas - India, exhibited significantExpand
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Indian Journal of Chemistry
Arun Kumar, Samya Banerjee, Sanjoy Mukherjee & Akhil R Chakravarty* The structurally characterized dioxovanadium(V) vitamin-B6 Schiff base complex with a cis-oriented VO2 moiety, [VO2L] (1), whereExpand
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Beyond gene dictation in oral squamous cell carcinoma progression and its therapeutic implications
In recent, mechanisms behind transition from normal epithelium to premalignancy and finally to oral carcinoma have been linked to genetic and epigenetic multistep process. These epigenetic changesExpand
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Tumor growth retardation and chemosensitizing action of fatty acid synthase inhibitor orlistat on T cell lymphoma: implication of reconstituted tumor microenvironment and multidrug resistance
BACKGROUND Orlistat, a fatty acid synthase (FASN) inhibitor, has been demonstrated to inhibit tumor cell survival. However, the mechanism(s) of its tumor growth retarding action against malignanciesExpand
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Isolation and characterization of mesenchymal stem cells from caprine umbilical cord tissue matrix.
Cord tissue fills the umbilical cord around the blood vessels and contains types of stem cells (mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs) that are not generally found in cord blood. MSCs are the stem cellsExpand
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