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Cylindrocyclophanes with proteasome inhibitory activity from the Cyanobacterium Nostoc sp.
Material collected from a parkway in the city of Chicago afforded the isolation of a Nostoc species (UIC 10022A). The extract of this strain displayed significant inhibition of the 20S proteasome asExpand
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Probing the structural requirements of non-electrophilic naphthalene-based Nrf2 activators.
Activation of the transcription factor Nrf2 has been posited to be a promising therapeutic strategy in a number of inflammatory and oxidative stress diseases due to its regulation of detoxifyingExpand
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An antimicrobial guanidine-bearing sesterterpene from the cultured cyanobacterium Scytonema sp.
Scytoscalarol (1), a antimicrobial sesterterpene bearing a guanidino group, was isolated from the cultured cyanobacterium Scytonema sp. (UTEX 1163) by bioassay-guided fractionation. The chemicalExpand
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Merocyclophanes A and B, antiproliferative cyclophanes from the cultured terrestrial Cyanobacterium Nostoc sp.
The cell extract of a cultured terrestrial Nostoc sp. (UIC 10062), obtained from a sample collected at Grand Mere State Park in Michigan, displayed antiproliferative activity against the HT-29 humanExpand
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Carbamidocyclophanes F and G with Anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis Activity from the Cultured Freshwater Cyanobacterium Nostoc sp.
Two new (1 and 2) and three known (3-5) carbamidocyclophanes were isolated from a cultured freshwater cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. (UIC 10274) obtained from a sample collected at Des Plaines, Illinois.Expand
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Antimicrobial ambiguine isonitriles from the cyanobacterium Fischerella ambigua.
Five new antibacterial ambiguine K-O isonitriles (1-5) and eight previously described indole alkaloids were isolated from the cultured cyanobacterium Fischerella ambigua (UTEX 1903) byExpand
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Hapalindole-related alkaloids from the cultured cyanobacterium Fischerella ambigua.
Four hapalindole-related alkaloids, namely fischambiguines A and B, ambiguine P, ambiguine Q nitrile as well as ambiguine G nitrile were identified from the cultured cyanobacterium FischerellaExpand
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Nitrile-Containing Fischerindoles from the Cultured Cyanobacterium Fischerella sp.
Chemical investigation of the cultured cyanobacterium Fischerella sp. (SAG strain number 46.79) led to the isolation of four nitrile-containing indole alkaloids, namely 12-epi-fischerindole I nitrileExpand
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Minutissamides A-D, antiproliferative cyclic decapeptides from the cultured cyanobacterium Anabaena minutissima.
Four cyclic decapeptides, minutissamides A-D (1-4), were isolated from the cultured cyanobacterium Anabaena minutissima (UTEX 1613). The planar structures were determined using various spectroscopicExpand
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Stigonemapeptin, an Ahp-containing depsipeptide with elastase inhibitory activity from the bloom-forming freshwater cyanobacterium Stigonema sp.
Stigonemapeptin (1), a depsipeptide containing an Ahp (3-amino-6-hydroxy-2-piperidone) residue, was isolated from a bloom sample of the freshwater cyanobacterium Stigonema sp. collected from NorthExpand
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