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Quartz crystal microbalance setup for frequency and Q‐factor measurements in gaseous and liquid environments
An experimental setup has been constructed for simultaneous measurements of the frequency, the absolute Q factor, and the amplitude of oscillation of a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM). TheExpand
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Simultaneous frequency and dissipation factor QCM measurements of biomolecular adsorption and cell adhesion.
We have measured the energy dissipation of the quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), operating in the liquid phase, when mono- or multi-layers of biomolecules and biofilms form on the QCM electrodeExpand
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Uniform molecularly imprinted microspheres and nanoparticles prepared by precipitation polymerization: the control of particle size suitable for different analytical applications.
Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) are being increasingly used as selective adsorbents in different analytical applications. To satisfy the different application purposes, MIPs with wellExpand
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Hydrogen uptake by Pd-coated Mg: absorption-decomposition isotherms and uptake kinetics
Abstract The phase diagram of the hydrogen-magnesium system, and the associated uptake-decomposition kinetics, have been measured in the pressure range 0.01–0.6 Torr, i.e. at 105 times lower pressureExpand
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Characteristics of the surface oxides on turned and electrochemically oxidized pure titanium implants up to dielectric breakdown: the oxide thickness, micropore configurations, surface roughness,
Titanium implants have been used widely and successfully for various types of bone-anchored reconstructions. It is believed that properties of oxide films covering titanium implant surfaces are ofExpand
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Biomolecular reactions studied using changes in Brownian rotation dynamics of magnetic particles.
We have used magnetic particles to study specific binding of prostate specific antigen (PSA) to the surfaces of the bioparticles. The used particles have a mean diameter of about 130 nm and areExpand
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Characterization of QCM sensor surfaces coated with molecularly imprinted nanoparticles.
Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) are gaining great interest as tailor-made recognition materials for the development of biomimetic sensors. Various approaches have been adopted to interface MIPsExpand
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Hydrogen sorption kinetics in partly oxidized Mg films
The influence of oxygen on the hydrogen uptake by Pd-coated Mg films was investigated, by exposing the Mg films to various amounts of oxygen, after deposition of the Mg film but before deposition ofExpand
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QCM-D analysis of the performance of blocking agents on gold and polystyrene surfaces.
With today's developments of biosensors and medical implants comes the need for efficient reduction of nonspecific binding. We report on a comparison of the ability of traditionally used blockingExpand
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Chemical characterization and reactivity of iron chelator-treated amphibole asbestos.
Iron in amphibole asbestos is implicated in the pathogenicity of inhaled fibers. Evidence includes the observation that iron chelators can suppress fiber-induced tissue damage. This is believed toExpand
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