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Doped Diamond: A Compact Review on a New, Versatile Electrode Material
The present paper gives an overview on the current development status of doped-diamond electrodes for electrochemical applications. It starts with a short discussion on the different types of diamond
Electrochemical water disinfection Part I: Hypochlorite production from very dilute chloride solutions
Electrolytic production of hypochlorite in very dilute chloride solutions is investigated using platinum and iridium oxide coated titanium expanded metal electrodes as anodes. The dependence of the
Electrochemical Water Disinfection: A Short Review ELECTRODES USING PLATINUM GROUP METAL OXIDES
Electrochemical water disinfection is a rarely used but convenient and highly efficient way to produce germ-free water. The technique works without the addition of chemical compounds to the water to
Electrochemical water disinfection. Part II: Hypochlorite production from potable water, chlorine consumption and the problem of calcareous deposits
The electrolytic production of hypochlorite from tap water in a flow-through reactor system is investigated using stacked platinum or iridium oxide coated titanium sheet or expanded metal electrodes.
Heat Transport and Thermal Expansion of Electrochromic Glazing Systems Due to Solar Irradiation
For many technical and architectural applications of electrochromic glazings a thorough understanding of the heat transport and the optical and thermal radiative properties of the system is