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Towards a sustainable biobased industry - Highlighting the impact of extremophiles.
The transition of the oil-based economy towards a sustainable economy completely relying on biomass as renewable feedstock requires the concerted action of academia, industry, politics and civilExpand
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Taste Preferences and Taste Sensitivity: Associations with Food Preferences, Dietary Intake and Body Composition
Taste sensitivity, or the ability to detect the degree of bitterness, sweetness or saltiness, has been associated in previous studies with preferences for a limited number of single- item foods. Ho...
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Avaliação multicritério de desempenho: o caso de um Tribunal de Justiça
The present study has developed a model of performance evaluation that is both aligned with the in­terests of public administrators and able to support their decisions. The studied context is aExpand
Digitalization in microbiology - Paving the path to sustainable circular bioeconomy.
We present challenges and opportunities of digitalization including multi-omics approaches in discovering and exploiting the microbial diversity of the planet with the aim to identify robust biocatalysts for application in sustainable bioprocesses as part of the transition to a bio-based circular economy. Expand
[Combined edema reducing therapy in the treatment of advanced lower limb lymphedema].
UNLABELLED Combined edema reducing therapy is a recognized method of lymphedema treatment. However such therapy can be difficult to implement from methodological and logistic point of view in casesExpand
8th International Congress on Biocatalysis (Biocat2016), Hamburg, Germany, 28 August - 1 September, 2016 : meeting report
The “8th International Congress on Biocatalysis (biocat2016)” is part of a biennial conference series. Biocatalysis is a topic based on the edge of biology and chemistry, which brings togetherExpand
Biomass-degrading glycoside hydrolases of archaeal origin
During the last decades, the impact of hyperthermophiles and their enzymes has been intensively investigated for implementation in various high-temperature biotechnological processes. Biocatalysts ofExpand
Hästens behov och välfärd i förhållande till svensk lagstiftning
Even though the horse (Equus caballus) has been domesticated for thousands of years it still has behaviours it is strongly motivated to perform. These behaviours have been important for the survivalExpand