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Novel functional activities of anti-dna autoantibodies from sera of patients with lymphoproliferative and autoimmune diseases
Results were obtained that indicate the complement-independent cytotoxicity of anti-DNA autoantibodies isolated from blood of patients with SLE and chronic lymphocytic leukemia and a new mechanism of formation of DNA-specific catalytic Abs has been proposed based on the increased crossreactivity of polyclonal DNA-abzymes to DNA-depleted nuclear matrix proteins. Expand
Anti-DNA autoantibodies reveal toxicity to tumor cell lines.
It was shown that treatment of the cells with cytotoxic anti-DNA autoantibodies induced internucleosomal DNA fragmentation and Annexin V binding to the cell surface characteristic of apoptotic pathway of cell death. Expand
Role of Structure-Based Changes due to Somatic Mutation in Highly Homologous DNA-Binding and DNA-Hydrolyzing Autoantibodies Exemplified by A23P Substitution in the VH Domain
The properties of two homologous autoantibodies and mutants thereof are analyzed and the implications of unusual somatic mutations for the development of autoantIBodies with DNA-binding and DNA-hydrolyzing activity are discussed. Expand
Catalytic antibodies: balancing between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The conflicting Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde protective and destructive essences of catalytic antibodies should be carefully considered in the development of therapeutic abzyme applications. Expand
A novel method for purification of catalytic antibodies toward DNA from sera of patients with lymphoproliferative diseases
  • A. Kozyr
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology international
  • 1 May 1996
A novel highly efficient method of purification of DNA‐hydrolyzing antibodies from sera of patients with lymphoproliferative diseases was developed and the unusual properties of anti‐DNA catalytic antibodies in respect to their interactions with DEAE ion exchanger are discussed. Expand
Enzyme mimicry by the antiidiotypic antibody approach.
Comparison of active sites of 9A8 and 17E8 esterolytic abzyme raised against transition-state analog revealed structural similarity although both antibodies were elicited by two different approaches, suggesting the existence of a functional catalytic dyad Ser-His. Expand
Autoantibodies to nuclear antigens
Both the cytotoxic effect and the DNA-hydrolyzing activity of anti-DNA antibodies were significantly increased in the antibody fraction that displayed cross-reactivity with nuclear matrix proteins. Expand
Purification of filamentous bacteriophage for phage display using size-exclusion chromatography.
This work describes a rapid and simple technique for chromatographic purifi-cation of filamentous phage particles in Sephacryl™ S-500 resin (Amersham Biosciences, Piscataway, NJ, USA). Expand
Anti-idiotypic antibody mimics proteolytic function of parent antigen.
Results indicate that the idiotypic network is capable, to a significant extent, of reproducing catalytic apparatus of serine proteases and further validate the use of imaging of enzyme active centers by the immune system for induction of abzymes accelerating energy-demanding amide bond hydrolysis. Expand