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A review of zooplankton investigations of the Black Sea over the last decade
Abstract Investigations performed in the last decade indicate that there have been important changes in the zooplankton composition and structure in the Black Sea. However, contrasting events takingExpand
Zooplankton of the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean: Similarities and dissimilarities
A synthesis of data on abundance and biomass of zooplankton in the Eastern Mediterranean (EMED) and the Black Sea shows major differences in the composition and structure of pelagic communities inExpand
Plankton communities of the South Atlantic anticyclonic gyre
Data collected during cruises of the Former Soviet Union (in 1963–1989) and the British Atlantic meridional transect program (in 1995–1999) were used to analyse macroscale patterns in phyto- andExpand
Interannual changes in the biomass of the Black Sea gelatinous zooplankton
When represented as the percentage of the total zooplankton biomass, Aurelia aurita and Mnemiopsis leidyi exhibit the contra-phase fluctuations where a sharp increase in M.leidyi is accompanied by a decrease in the A.aurita biomass. Expand
Fluctuations of Pelagic Species of the Open Black Sea During 1980–1995 and Possible Teleconnections
The drastic changes in the Black Sea ecosystem, i.e. the harsh decline of the Black Sea fishery in 1989 and the dramatic changes in the zooplankton were often related to the outburst of theExpand
Seasonal Changes in the Composition and Abundance of Zooplankton in the Seas of the Mediterranean Basin
Seasonal changes in the composition, abundance and biomass of zooplankton in the seas of the Mediterranean basin (the Mediterranean, Black and Azov seas) have been reviewed using our own data andExpand
Composition and Abundance of Zooplankton of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Results of investigations on the composition and quantitative distribution of zooplankton of the eastern Mediterranean Sea were reviewed for the period 1950-1980. The studies reviewed comprise moreExpand
The Black Sea Zooplankton: Composition, Spatial/Temporal Distribution and History of Investigations
The review comprises the main zooplankton studies published by the riparian countries of the Black Sea beginning with the earliest faunistic publications in the 1860s and 1870s up to the recent multinational ecosystem investigations carried out within the framework of the NATO-TU-Black Sea Project. Expand
On the problem of Lessepsian migrations of zooplanktonic organisms
Zooplankton reported in the literature as immigrants from the Red Sea may in fact come from the Atlantic, based on the fact that these organisms occur both in the eastern and the western Mediterranean. Expand
Charity «Soviet Style»: Committees of Assistance to War Disabled During the 1920’s in Siberia
This article is dedicated to the charitable activities and local bodies of the 'All-Russian Assistance Committee For the Sick, Wounded and Disabled Red Army Veterans' in the 1920’s. The peculiaritiesExpand