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Nanobionics of Pharmacologically Active Derivatives of Fullerene C60
The physical–chemical mechanisms of pharmacologic functioning of amino acid derivatives of fullerene C60 (ADF) have been studied. ADF were shown to penetrate through the lipid bilayer of liposomesExpand
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[Application of phosphorescent probes in investigations of model and biological membranes].
Possibility of using phosphorescent probes for membrane investigations was analysed on lecithin liposomes and rat liver microsomes taken as an example. It was shown that one quencher molecule onExpand
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Influence of water-soluble derivatives of [60]fullerene on therapeutically important targets related to neurodegenerative diseases
We report the investigation of the molecular mechanisms responsible for the neuroprotective activity of water-soluble [60]fullerene derivatives (WS[60]FDs). It has been shown that WS[60]FDs influenceExpand
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[Use of triplet state exchange disactivation phenomenon for the study of structure and electron conductivity of proteins].
A method for studying protein structure and estimating its electron conducting properties is proposed. The method is based on the kinetic recording of exchange quenching triplet labels and probesExpand
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Hybrid photoactive fullerene derivative-ruboxyl nanostructures for photodynamic therapy.
Here we report the investigation of photophysical properties and photodynamic action of two novel water soluble hybrid molecular structures based on [60]fullerene dyads bearing covalently attachedExpand
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Kinetic Treatment of Coupled Electron and Proton Transfer in Flash-Photolysis Experiments on Carbon Monoxide-Inhibited Mixed-Valence Cytochrome c Oxidase
Coupled electron and proton transfer observed in flow-flash experiments on CO-inhibited mixed-valence cytochrome c oxidase is discussed in terms of a model proposed by Brzezinski and co-workers [J.Expand
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[Investigation of model and biological membranes by probes emitting annihilated delayed fluorescence].
Registration of the annihilated delayed fluorescence kinetics of anthracene, 1,2-benzanthracene, 1,2,5,6-dibenzanthracene, 7,12-dimethylbenzanthracene, pyrene, 1,2-benzpyrene, 3,4-benzpyrene,Expand
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[Structure and intramolecular dynamics of a photoactive pigment-protein eosin-casein complex].
The structure of eosin--casein complex was studied by triplet label method. Quantitative data on the quantum--mechanic exchange interaction between eosin centres and external quenchers were obtained.Expand
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Antioxidant properties of water-soluble amino acid derivatives of fullerenes and their role in the inhibition of herpes virus infection
The antioxidant properties of water-soluble amino acid derivatives of fullerene C60 (ADF) were studied. It was shown by the change in the concentration of malonic dialdehyde in rat brain mitochondriaExpand
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A supercooled glycerol–water mixture: evidence for the large-scale heterogeneity?
Abstract The results of an experiment on the time-resolved spectral dynamics of the eosin phosphorescence in a low-temperature glycerol–water mixture are explained supposing a cluster structure ofExpand
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