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Lorentz-Violating Extension of the Standard Model
In the context of conventional quantum field theory, we present a general Lorentz-violating extension of the minimalExpand
Data Tables for Lorentz and CPT Violation
This work tabulates measured and derived values of coefficients for Lorentz and $CPT$ violation in the standard-model extension. Summary tables are extracted listing maximal attained sensitivities inExpand
$CPT$ violation and the standard model
Spontaneous CPT breaking arising in string theory has been suggested as a possible observable experimental signature in neutral-meson systems. We provide a theoretical framework for the treatment ofExpand
Gravity, Lorentz violation, and the standard model
The role of the gravitational sector in the Lorentz- and CPT-violating standard-model extension ~SME! is studied. A framework is developed for addressing this topic in the context of Riemann-CartanExpand
Analytical construction of a nonperturbative vacuum for the open bosonic string
Using analytical methods, a nonperturbative vacuum is constructed recursively in the field theory for the open bosonic string. Evidence suggests it corresponds to the Lorentz-invariant end point ofExpand
Signals for Lorentz violation in electrodynamics
An investigation is performed of the Lorentz-violating electrodynamics extracted from the renormalizable sector of the general Lorentz- and CPT-violating standard-model extension. Among theExpand
Electrodynamics with Lorentz-violating operators of arbitrary dimension
The behavior of photons in the presence of Lorentz and CPT violation is studied. Allowing for operators of arbitrary mass dimension, we classify all gauge-invariant Lorentz- and CPT-violating termsExpand
Signals for Lorentz violation in post-Newtonian gravity
The pure-gravity sector of the minimal standard-model extension is studied in the limit of Riemann spacetime. A method is developed to extract the modified Einstein field equations in the limit ofExpand
Matter-gravity couplings and Lorentz violation
The gravitational couplings of matter are studied in the presence of Lorentz and $CPT$ violation. At leading order in the coefficients for Lorentz violation, the relativistic quantum Hamiltonian isExpand
Stability, causality, and Lorentz and CPT violation
Stability and causality are investigated for quantum field theories incorporating Lorentz and CPT violation. Explicit calculations in the quadratic sector of a general renormalizable lagrangian for aExpand