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LSHTC: A Benchmark for Large-Scale Text Classification
LSHTC is a series of challenges which aims to assess the performance of classification systems in large-scale classification in a a large number of classes (up to hundreds of thousands). This paperExpand
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Adaptive Spam Filtering Using Only Naive Bayes Text Classifiers
In the past few years, machine learning and in particular simple Naive Bayes classifiers have proven their value in filtering spam emails. We hereby put Naive Bayes filters to the test, againstExpand
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Evaluation measures for hierarchical classification: a unified view and novel approaches
Hierarchical classification addresses the problem of classifying items into a hierarchy of classes. An important issue in hierarchical classification is the evaluation of different classificationExpand
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The ECIR 2010 large scale hierarchical classification workshop
This paper reports on the Large Scale Hierarchical Classification workshop (http://kmi.open.ac.uk/events/ecir2010/workshops-tutorials), held in conjunction with the European Conference on InformationExpand
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Biomedical Semantic Indexing using Dense Word Vectors in BioASQ
Background: Biomedical curators are often required to semantically index large numbers of biomedical articles, using hierarchically related labels (e.g., MeSH headings). Large scale hierarchicalExpand
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Results of the BioASQ Tasks of the Question Answering Lab at CLEF 2015
The goal of this task is to push the research frontier towards hybrid information systems. We aim to promote systems and approaches that are able to deal with the whole diversity of the Web,Expand
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Probabilistic Cascading for Large Scale Hierarchical Classification
Hierarchies are frequently used for the organization of objects. Given a hierarchy of classes, two main approaches are used, to automatically classify new instances: flat classification and cascadeExpand
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Spam Filtering: an Active Learning Approach using Incremental Clustering
This paper introduces a method that deals with unwanted mail messages by combining active learning with incremental clustering. The proposed approach is motivated by the fact that the user cannotExpand
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Large scale hierarchical text classification
Hierarchies are becoming increasingly popular for the organization of documents, particularly on the Web. Web directories, such as the Yahoo! Directory and the Dmoz Directory, are typical examples.Expand
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The Effect of Dimensionality Reduction on Large Scale Hierarchical Classification
Many classification problems are related to a hierarchy of classes, that can be exploited in order to perform hierarchical classification of test objects. The most basic way of hierarchicalExpand
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