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Weak turbulent Kolmogorov spectrum for surface gravity waves.
We study the long-time evolution of surface gravity waves on deep water excited by a stochastic external force concentrated in moderately small wave numbers. We numerically implemented the primitiveExpand
Complex singularity of a stokes wave
Two-dimensional potential flow of the ideal incompressible fluid with free surface and infinite depth can be described by a conformal map of the fluid domain into the complex lower half-plane. StokesExpand
Mesoscopic wave turbulence
We report results of simulation of wave turbulence. Both inverse and direct cascades are observed. The definition of “mesoscopic turbulence” is given. This is a regime when the number of modes in aExpand
Simultaneous numerical simulation of direct and inverse cascades in wave turbulence.
The results of the direct numerical simulation of isotropic turbulence of surface gravity waves in the framework of Hamiltonian equations are presented. For the first time, the simultaneous formationExpand
Weak turbulence of gravity waves
For the first time weak turbulent theory was demonstrated for surface gravity waves. Direct numerical simulation of the dynamical equations shows Kolmogorov turbulent spectra as predicted byExpand
Communication through plasma sheaths
We wish to transmit messages to and from a hypersonic vehicle around which a plasma sheath has formed. For long distance transmission, the signal carrying these messages must be necessarily lowExpand
Coexistence of weak and strong wave turbulence in a swell propagation.
By performing two parallel numerical experiments-solving the dynamical Hamiltonian equations and solving the Hasselmann kinetic equation-we examined the applicability of the theory of weak turbulenceExpand
Numerical Verification of the Weak Turbulent Model for Swell Evolution
Abstract The purpose of this article is to numerically verify the theory of weak turbulence. We have performed numerical simulations of an ensemble of nonlinearly interacting free gravity waves (aExpand
Proof-of-concept implementation of the massively parallel algorithm for simulation of dispersion-managed WDM optical fiber systems.
We perform a proof-of-concept implementation of the massively parallel algorithm [P. M. Lushnikov, Opt. Lett. 27, 939 (2002)] for simulation of dispersion-managed wavelength-division multiplexed optical fiber systems. Expand
Operator splitting method for simulation of dynamic flows in natural gas pipeline networks
We develop an operator splitting method to simulate flows of isothermal compressible natural gas over transmission pipelines that is unconditionally stable and second order accurate in space and time. Expand