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BWO Generators for Terahertz Dielectric Measurements
For many years, the terahertz frequency domain has been neglected compared to neighboring parts of the spectrum. However, the situation has changed with the development of backward-wave oscillatorExpand
Finite Integration Technique capabilities for indoor propagation prediction
3D Finite Integration Technique (FIT) has been applied to radio propagation calculations over areas up to 400 m2 with computing time of less than 3 hours on a single-processor computer and frequencyExpand
Comparative Analysis of Ray tracing, finite integration technique and empirical models using ultra-detailed indoor environment model and measurements
3D Finite Integration Technique (FIT), ray tracing and simple empirical model accuracy is compared on a single basis, using a high-detailed environment model. The most accurate FIT Maxwell'sExpand
The effect of microwave radiation on liquid water
Long lived metastable states of water caused by the microwave radiation were discovered experimentally and investigated using spectroscopic (UV-region, NMR) and biological sensor methods. WeExpand
Investigation of the instability of the intense helical electron beam formed in a gyroamplifier
Different types of instability arising in the helical electron beam formed by the magnetron injector gun are investigated experimentally. It is shown that these instabilities affect spectralExpand
Influence of microwave radiation on the association processes of rhodamine 6G molecules in aqueous solutions
The influence of the microwave radiation of two frequency ranges (2.0 mm and 6.9 dm) on the absorption spectra of the cationic dye rhodamine 6G has been investigated. A reversible decrease in theExpand
On the necessity of information transmission channel characteristics consideration in wireless systems planning
In wireless systems (networks) planning, the typical goal is to maximize two parameters: coverage and capacity. Metrics describing each of these parameters are systemlevel channel characteristics:Expand
Magnetic metamaterials: Coupling and permeability
Abstract Magnetic metamaterials made of non-magnetic resonators – metaatoms – are an essential part of metamaterial world reacting to the ac magnetic field and being able to demonstrate negativeExpand
Mathematical modeling of the nonlinear electrodynamics effect of signal delay in the magnetic field of pulsars
The paper is devoted to mathematical modeling of the nonlinear vacuum electrodynamics effect: the action of the strong magnetic field of a pulsar on the propagation of electromagnetic waves. It isExpand