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Dermoscopy of pigmented skin lesions: results of a consensus meeting via the Internet.
BACKGROUND There is a need for better standardization of the dermoscopic terminology in assessing pigmented skin lesions. OBJECTIVE The virtual Consensus Net Meeting on Dermoscopy was organized toExpand
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Surface microscopy of pigmented basal cell carcinoma.
OBJECTIVES To describe the relevant morphologic features and to create a simple diagnostic method for pigmented basal cell carcinoma (BCC) using in vivo cutaneous surface microscopy (ie, dermoscopy,Expand
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Early detection of malignant melanoma: The role of physician examination and self‐examination of the skin
The combination of routine physician examination of the skin coupled with self-examination provides a realistic opportunity for the identification of early malignant melanomas. Removal of such thinExpand
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The incidence of malignant melanoma in the United States: issues as we approach the 21st century.
The risk of malignant melanoma developing in an American in the United States has now reached 1 in 87 (up more than 1800% since the 1930s). This rising incidence of malignant melanoma is, in fact,Expand
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Large Congenital Melanocytic Nevi and the Risk for Development of Malignant Melanoma and Neurocutaneous Melanocytosis
Objective. To determine the risk for developing malignant melanoma and neurocutaneous melanocytosis (NCM) in patients with large congenital melanocytic nevi. Design. Follow-up data suitable forExpand
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Ultraviolet A and melanoma: a review.
The incidence and mortality rates of melanoma have risen for many decades in the United States. Increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is generally considered to be responsible. Sunburns, aExpand
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Neurocutaneous melanosis: clinical features of large congenital melanocytic nevi in patients with manifest central nervous system melanosis.
BACKGROUND Patients with a large congenital melanocytic nevus (LCMN) may have associated leptomeningeal melanocytosis with or without central nervous system (CNS) melanomas. These patients areExpand
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Recurrence rates of treated basal cell carcinomas. Part 2: Curettage-electrodesiccation.
This is the second article in a series that reviews the experience in the Skin and Cancer Unit, from 1955 through 1982, with the treatment of basal cell carcinomas (BCCs). This report deals with 2314Expand
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Automatic differentiation of melanoma from melanocytic nevi with multispectral digital dermoscopy: a feasibility study.
BACKGROUND Differentiation of melanoma from melanocytic nevi is difficult even for skin cancer specialists. This motivates interest in computer-assisted analysis of lesion images. OBJECTIVE OurExpand
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Congenital nevocytic nevi and malignant melanomas.
The subject of the relationship between congenital nevocytic nevi and malignant melanomas has many controversial aspects. Data are insufficient to come to firm conclusions concerning how oftenExpand
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