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Action of chelators in iron-loaded cardiac cells: Accessibility to intracellular labile iron and functional consequences.
Labile iron in hemosiderotic plasma and tissue are sources of iron toxicity. We compared the iron chelators deferoxamine, deferiprone, and deferasirox as scavengers of labile iron in plasma andExpand
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Iron Chelators for Thalassaemia
The iron-chelating compound desferrioxamine (DFO) was discovered accidentally, as a byproduct of antibiotic research by scientists in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and Ciba inExpand
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Exploring the "iron shuttle" hypothesis in chelation therapy: effects of combined deferoxamine and deferiprone treatment in hypertransfused rats with labeled iron stores and in iron-loaded rat heart
Although iron chelation therapy results in a significant improvement in well-being and life expectancy of thalassemic patients with transfusional iron overload, failure to achieve these goals in aExpand
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Objectives and Mechanism of Iron Chelation Therapy
Abstract: Prevention of cardiac mortality is the most important beneficial effect of iron chelation therapy. Unfortunately, compliance with the rigorous requirements of daily subcutaneousExpand
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Iron metabolism in inflammation.
  • A. Konijn
  • Medicine
  • Bailliere's clinical haematology
  • 1994
Alteration in iron metabolism is one of the proposed mechanisms underlying the anaemia of inflammation and chronic disease, the most common disorder in hospitalized patients. Iron metabolismExpand
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Iron overload and chelation
Abstract Iron is one of the most common elements in nature. As a transition metal it is very efficient in electron transport and redox reactions. The proteins and enzymes in which iron is anExpand
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Chelation and mobilization of cellular iron by different classes of chelators.
Iron chelators belonging to three distinct chemical families were assessed in terms of their physicochemical properties and the kinetics of iron chelation in solution and in two biological systems.Expand
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ICL670A: a new synthetic oral chelator: evaluation in hypertransfused rats with selective radioiron probes of hepatocellular and reticuloendothelial iron stores and in iron-loaded rat heart cells in
ICL670A (formerly CGP 72 670) or 4-[3,5-bis-(hydroxyphenyl)-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl]- benzoic acid is a tridentate iron-selective synthetic chelator of the bis-hydroxyphenyl-triazole class of compounds.Expand
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Cerebrospinal fluid ferritin in malignant CNS involvement
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) ferritin was measured in patients with benign inflammatory and noninflammatory neurologic disorders and in patients with malignant disease with and without documentedExpand
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