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Comparison of pigments produced by several strains ofMycobacterium phlei
Pigments of three genetically closely related strains ofMycobacterium phlei were studied. It was found that individual strains produced various quantities of coloured metabolites when cultivated inExpand
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The effect of daylight on the biosynthesis of carotenoids by non-acid-fast strains ofMycobacterium phlei
The changes of the cell pigment composition of two non-acid-fast forms ofMycobacterium phlei (PN, PNR), caused by exposure to daylight, were studied. Though during cultivation in the dark carotenesExpand
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Carotenoids synthesized by UV-induced mutants of a non-acid-fast strain ofMycobacterium phlei
The composition of the cell pigment of three mutants (PN1, PN2, PN3) of a non-acid-fast strain ofMycobacterium phlei (PN) induced with UV-radiation was investigated. It was found that the mutantsExpand
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The occurrence of geometrical isomers of lycopene in the modification of the UV-induced mutant ofMycobacterium phlei
During transfers of the UV-induced mutant of the non-acid-fast strain ofMycobacterium phlei (PN3), its somewhat differently orange-red coloured modification was found. The analysis of the cellExpand
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