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Sustainability, Accountability and Corporate Governance: Exploring Multinationals' Reporting Practices
Recent years have seen a rapid increase in accountability pressures on particularly large global companies. The increased call for transparency comes from two different angles, which show someExpand
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A decade of sustainability reporting: developments and significance
Since the publication of the first separate environmental reports in 1989, the number of companies that has started to publish information on its environmental, social or sustainability policiesExpand
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Reviewing a Decade of Research on the “Base/Bottom of the Pyramid” (BOP) Concept
In 1998-1999, Prahalad and colleagues introduced the base/bottom of the pyramid (BOP) concept in an article and a working paper. This article’s goal is to answer the following question: What hasExpand
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The Social Responsibility of International Business: From Ethics and the Environment to CSR and Sustainable Development
This article examines how the international business (IB) literature has addressed social responsibility issues in the past 50 years, highlighting key developments and implications from a historicalExpand
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Global Rule-Setting for Business: A Critical Analysis of Multi-Stakeholder Standards
In the field of global rule-setting for responsible business behaviour, multi-stakeholder standards have emerged in recent years because of their potential for effective consensus-building,Expand
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International business and global climate change
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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Coffee Sector:: The Dynamics of MNC Responses and Code Development
Since the collapse of the international coffee agreement in 1989, attention has increasingly focused on the role of multinational corporations in this sector. As the main actors in the internationalExpand
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A perspective on multinational enterprises and climate change: Learning from “an inconvenient truth”?
This paper explores whether and how an important environmental issue such as climate change can not only give multinational enterprises the opportunity to develop “green” firm-specific advantagesExpand
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More than words? : an analysis of sustainability reports
In the past decade, attention to environmental (and most recently, sustainability) reporting has increased, as has the number of companies that publish such reports. This growth has raised questionsExpand
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Bridging the Institutional Divide: Partnerships in Subsistence Markets
This study analyzes the impact of institutions on the structure of partnerships in subsistence markets (SMs). Grounded in institutional theory and transaction cost economics, the reasoning suggestsExpand
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