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Investigating the polished surfaces of zinc chalcogenides by computer recognition of defects on micrographs
This paper presents studies of how the thermophysical characteristics of polishing resins, the pressure, the grain size of the abrasive being used, the rotational rate, and the oscillation frequency
Reflection by stimulated Brillouin scattering mirrors based on tetrachlorides of group IV elements
An experimental investigation was made of the characteristics of stimulated Brillouin scattering mirrors based on SiCl4, TiCl4, GeCl4, SnCl4, or CCl4. The results indicated that tetrachlorides of
Methodology of automatic registration of 3D measurements of bulk materials in granaries
It was proved that the proposed solution, which exploits the capabilities of photogrammetry and laser scanning methods, has a number of advantages over the existing methods in terms of efficiency, accuracy, the possibility of automation, and the opportunity of monitoring the surface of the granary content at any time.
Uniform linear antenna array in superresolution mode by the modified unitary ESPRIT algorithm
In such systems there is a possibility to measure parameters of several simultaneously located objects, when the angular spacing between them is smaller than the radar array beamwidth, in superresolution mode.
Liquid-vapor equilibria in GeF4-A (A = C1-C4 alkane impurity) systems
The liquid–vapor separation factors in dilute solutions of methane, ethane, propane, n-butane, and isobutane in germanium tetrafluoride have been determined experimentally at 295 K by statically
Radiation changes in hexagonal lattice shapes during materials research in the BOR-60 reactor assembly
Methods and results of research on radiation changes in the hexagonal lattices of the BOR-60 reactor research assembly induced by internal gas pressure are presented. The sample tested was a typical