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Cold-specific and light-stimulated expression of a wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cor gene Wcor15 encoding a chloroplast-targeted protein.
Results suggest that the functional Cor gene system involving the CRT/DRE cis-element is conserved in both monocotyledonous and dicotylingonous plants.
Dynamic changes in subcellular localization of cattle XLF during cell cycle, and focus formation of cattle XLF at DNA damage sites immediately after irradiation
It is shown that the localization of cattle XLF changes dynamically during the cell cycle, and these findings might be useful to develop the molecular-targeting therapeutic drug taking XLF as a target molecule for human and domestic animals.
Histone H2AX phosphorylation independent of ATM after X-irradiation in mouse liver and kidney in situ.
Following X-irradiation, H2 AX was phosphorylated in the liver and kidney of ATM gene knockout mice, suggesting that ATM kinase is not essential for phosphorylation of H2AX in these organs after X-IRradiation in vivo.
Establishment of hamster cell lines with EGFP-tagged human XRCC4 and protection from low-dose X-ray radiation.
The findings showed that XR-1 cells were more sensitive than controls to low-dose X-irradiation (<0.5 Gy), whereas the radiosensitive phenotype of XR -1 cells was rescued by the expression of EGFP-XRCC4, which stabilizes DNA ligase IV.