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Racism out of Place: Thoughts on Whiteness and an Antiracist Geography in the New Millennium
A s we enter the next millennium, deeply ra/% cialized aspects of U.S. society are inJL JL creasingly playing themselves out, of? ten in dramatic ways, as expressions of both current tensions and the
Back to Hong Kong: return migration or transnational sojourn?
Abstract In this article we reconsider the meaning of return migration in a period of growing transnational practices. In its conventional use, return migration conveys the same sense of closure and
Coloring the Field: Gender, “Race,” and the Politics of Fieldwork
My experiences combining research and activism within the Japanese-Canadian community reflect a growing concern among feminist and anti-racist scholars with the politics of work among people
International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology
Representing the definitive reference work for this broad and dynamic field, The International Encyclopedia of Geography arises from an unprecedented collaboration between Wiley and the American
GPC Ten Years On: is self-reflexivity enough?
In the 10 years since the first issue of Gender, Place and Culture was published, feminist geography has grown, matured, become part of the normal curriculum in most departments of geography. The
Transnationalism through the life course: Hong Kong immigrants in Canada
:  Transnationalism needs to be understood as a set of practices fashioned through the life course as well as in relation to contextual factors that include state policy and experiences of
Race, racialization and Indigeneity in Canadian universities
Abstract This article is based on data from a four-year national study of racialization and Indigeneity at Canadian universities. Its main conclusion is that whether one examines representation in