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Tubular Compression Fossils from the Ediacaran Nama Group, Namibia
Abstract Abundant tubular macrofossils occur in finely laminated siltstones and shales of the 548–542 Ma Schwarzrand Subgroup, Nama Group, Namibia. The Nama tubes occur in both the Vingerbreek andExpand
Larval morphology in four species of Madagascan frogs of the subgenus Brygoomantis (Mantellidae: Mantidactylus)
The tadpole morphology of four species of frogs classified in the endemic Madagascan subgenus Brygoomantis of the genus Mantidactylus is described, based on larval specimens identified by DNA barcoding, with differences between species mainly concern colouration, shape of body and the number of keratodonts per millimetre. Expand
The Malagasy snake Pseudoxyrhopus ambreensis preys upon chameleon eggs by shell slitting
Two individuals of the Malagasy lamprophiid snake Pseudoxyrhopus ambreensis from Montagne d'Ambre National Park which had ingested three and four chameleon eggs were reported, supporting the idea that reptile eggs may be difficult to digest for snakes without slitting the shells. Expand