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4Es and 4 Poles model of sustainability: Redefining sustainability in the built environment
Purpose – The paper is conceptual in nature and explores the role and function of project management in the achievement of sustainability in the built environment by developing a 4Es (Economic,Expand
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Parameter Optimization and Study of Inverse J-A Hysteresis Model
A method for parameter identification of J-A hysteresis model is presented. This method is based on combination of pattern search and nonlinear least square method. The B-H curve of different toroidExpand
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Uses of iPad® Applications in Music Therapy
We take no credit for this, and that's not our intention...our intention is to say something is going on here. (Researchers) should take a look at this.Steve Jobs, Applet Chief Executive, discussingExpand
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Testing UML designs
This paper describes an approach for testing UML design models to uncover inconsistencies. Expand
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Estimating the phylogeny in mollusc Littorina saxatilis (Olivi) from enzyme data: methodological considerations
The evolutionary history of 19 populations of Littorina saxatilis (Olivi) was estimated by four different approaches. Three of these operate upon a population by population matrix of geneticExpand
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Threshold Interval Indexing for Complicated Uncertain Data
Uncertain data is an increasingly prevalent topic in database research, given the advance of instruments which inherently generate uncertainty in their data. In particular, the problem of indexingExpand
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Target tracking using mean-shift and affine structure
We present a new approach for tracking targets with their size and shape time-varying, based on a combination of mean-shift and affine structure. Expand
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Efficient range query processing on uncertain data
We propose a threshold interval indexing structure that aims to balance different time consuming factors to achieve an optimal overall query performance. Expand
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Genetic analysis of ten polymorphic enzyme loci in Littorina saxatilis (Prosobranchia: Mollusca)
Electrophoretic surveys of natural populations have shown Littorina saxatilis to be variable at many enzyme loci. Laboratory breeding experiments, which involved the phenotypic examination ofExpand
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Liquid gold: the cost-effectiveness of urine sample collection methods for young precontinent children
Background Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common childhood infection. Many febrile children require a urine sample to diagnose or exclude UTI. Collecting urine from young children can beExpand
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