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Performance evaluation of the CM-5 interconnection network
The authors present performance characteristics of the CM-5 (Connection Machine-5) data network with respect to bandwidth and latency. Expand
Network supercomputing
The High Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) draft standard X3T9, which is likely to become the backbone for interconnecting high-performance computing components into a single unit, is reviewed. Expand
Mix-and-match high performance computing
We show an example of how mix-and-match computing was used to perform a large-scale 3D numerical simulation, one that models the convection of magma in the earth's interior, using a set of specialized high performance computers. Expand
Network Supercomputing: Experiments with a Cray-2 to Cm-2 Hippi Connection
The increasing demand for grealer performance along with recent advances an high performance networking have transformed the traditional supercomputer model of a large central machine into a distributed, networked model of computing where shared terabyte storage systems, high speed graphical frame buflers, high resolution workstations, vector supercomputers and massively parallel computers can be applied together in a cooperative network to solve scientific problems of unprecedented complexity. Expand
Performance Characteristics of the Connection Machines Hypertree Network
We present the maximum effective network bandwidth as a function of (1) message size, (2) varying data path through different levels of the network hierarchy, and (3) system load. Expand
The CM-2 data transposition problem
The CM-2's natural data layout is not conducive to exchanging data with other machines. Expand
AHPCRC Researchers Demonstrate Heterogeneous Computing at Supercomputing 94
In heterogeneous computation, many kinds of computers may cooperate, with each of the machines performing tasks for which it is particularly suited. Expand
Firewall for interent access
Regulating the flow of internetwork connections through a firewall (10) having a network protocol stack (14,16,18) which includes an Internet Protocol (IP) layer. Expand
The CM2 Data Transposition
In a previous paper 6], we noted that the CM-2's natural data layout is not conducive to exchanging data with other machines. In order for CM-2 data to be understandable to a remote machine, aExpand