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Universal concept of complexity by the dynamic redundance paradigm: Causal randomness, complete wave mechanics, and the ultimate unification of knowledge
The fundamental impasses and ruptures in various domains of the canonical, unitary science, or the 'end of science', become the more and more evident. The natural unity of being is recovered within aExpand
Double Solution with Chaos: Completion of de Broglie's Nonlinear Wave Mechanics and Its Intrinsic Unification with the Causally Extended Relativity
A system of two interacting protofields with generic parameters is unstable with respect to unceasing cycles of nonlinear squeeze (reduction) to randomly chosen centres and reverse extension whichExpand
Double Solution with Chaos: Dynamic Redundance and Causal Wave-Particle Duality
A system of two interacting, physically real, initially homogeneous fields is considered as the simplest basis for the world construction in which one of them, a protofield of electromagnetic nature,Expand
Consistent cosmology, dynamic relativity and causal quantum mechanics as unified manifestations of the symmetry of complexity
The present invention relates to an interbody spinal stabilization method and an interbody spinal stabilization cage. The cage has a parallelepipedic shape and comprises a central hollow spaceExpand
Complex Dynamics of Real Quantum, Classical and Hybrid Micro-Machines
Any real interaction process produces many incompatible system versions, or realisations, giving rise to omnipresent dynamic randomness and universally defined complexity (arXiv:physics/9806002).Expand
Dynamic Origin of Evolution and Social Transformation
We analyse the unreduced, nonperturbative dynamics of an arbitrary many-body interaction process with the help of the generalised effective potential method and reveal the well-specified universalExpand
100 Years of Quanta: Complex-Dynamical Origin of Planck's Constant and Causally Complete Extension of Quantum Mechanics
On 14 December 1900 Max Planck first formulated the idea of energy quanta related to a new universal constant now known as Planck's constant. Despite the following progress of thus initiated "quantumExpand
Universal gravitation as a complex-dynamical process, renormalised Planckian units, and the spectrum of elementary particles
The new, complex-dynamical mechanism of the universal gravitation naturally incorporating dynamical quantization, wave-particle duality, and relativity of physically emerging space and timeExpand
Quantum Mechanics with Chaos: Correspondence Principle, Measurement and Complexity
The true dynamical randomness is obtained as a natural fundamental property of deterministic quantum systems. It provides quantum chaos passing to the classical dynamical chaos under the ordinaryExpand
Complex-Dynamical Extension of the Fractal Paradigm and Its Applications in Life Sciences *
Complex-dynamical fractal is a hierarchy of permanently, chaotically changing versions of system structure, obtained as the unreduced, causally probabilistic general solution to an arbitraryExpand