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New horizons for extreme light physics with mega-science project XCELS
A short review of the Russian mega-science project XCELS and scientific problems to be solved are presented. We discuss the origin of multi-beam design to attain the highest field magnitude atExpand
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Widely Wavelength-tunable Soliton Generation and Few-cycle Pulse Compression with the Use of Dispersion-decreasing Fiber
We have developed an all-flber source of both, widely wavelength tunable femtosec- ond solitons and few-cycle optical pulses. It is based on Raman self-frequency shift of soliton pulse inExpand
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Submicrojoule femtosecond erbium-doped fibre laser for the generation of dispersive waves at submicron wavelengths
We have demonstrated a femtosecond erbium-doped fibre laser system built in the master oscillator/power amplifier (MOPA) approach. The final amplifier stage utilises a specially designed large modeExpand
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Intense laser pulse dynamics in dense gases
The results of a theoretical investigation on the interaction between a strong ionizing laser pulse and an initially neutral gas are presented, based on a 3-dimensional numerical simulation of theExpand
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Extreme nonlinear optics in a Kerr medium: Exact soliton solutions for a few cycles
Exact soliton solutions containing only a few cycles are found within the framework of a nonlinear full wave equation in a Kerr medium. It is proven numerically that they are stable and play aExpand
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Fast electron generation using PW-class PEARL facility
We use a PW-class PEARL facility to study fast electron beam generation during high intensity laser pulse interaction with a supersonic gas jet. We show that electron beams with several hundreds ofExpand
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Generation of optical soliton pulses smoothly tunable in a wide frequency range in silica fibers with variable dispersion
The possibility of the efficient conversion of the frequency of an optical soliton pulse in fibers with length-variable dispersion is physically analyzed and experimentally investigated. The effectExpand
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Proton and light-ion acceleration to relativistic GeV energies by the superstrong laser radiation interacting with a structured plasma target
A new scheme is proposed for proton and light-ion acceleration to relativistic energies by superstrong laser radiation interacting with a structured plasma target. The proposal consists in the use ofExpand
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