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Mental disorders among college students in the World Health Organization World Mental Health Surveys.
BACKGROUND Although mental disorders are significant predictors of educational attainment throughout the entire educational career, most research on mental disorders among students has focused on theExpand
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Depression and anxiety in coronary artery bypass grafting patients.
PURPOSE Heart surgery is a factor triggering off specific emotional and physiological responses of a patient. In spite of positive somatic effects of surgery, depression and anxiety can persist orExpand
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Use of coercive measures during involuntary hospitalization: findings from ten European countries.
OBJECTIVE Involuntary treatment in mental health care is a sensitive but rarely studied issue. This study was part of the European Evaluation of Coercion in Psychiatry and Harmonization of BestExpand
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Are day hospitals effective for acutely ill psychiatric patients? A European multicenter randomized controlled trial.
OBJECTIVE Acute psychiatric day care has been proposed as an alternative to conventional inpatient care, yet the evidence of its effectiveness is inconsistent and based only on single-site studies inExpand
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Interleukin-6: the missing element of the neurocognitive deterioration in schizophrenia? The focus on genetic underpinnings, cognitive impairment and clinical manifestation
The influence of the immune system deregulation on the risk of schizophrenia is increasingly recognized. The aim of this study was to assess the influence of serum interleukin-6 (IL-6) level togetherExpand
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The cross-national epidemiology of specific phobia in the World Mental Health Surveys.
BACKGROUND Although specific phobia is highly prevalent, associated with impairment, and an important risk factor for the development of other mental disorders, cross-national epidemiological dataExpand
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How to improve clinical practice on involuntary hospital admissions of psychiatric patients: suggestions from the EUNOMIA study.
Number and procedures of involuntary hospital admissions vary in Europe according to the different socio-cultural contexts. The European Commission has funded the EUNOMIA study in 12 EuropeanExpand
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Patient characteristics and symptoms associated with perceived coercion during hospital treatment
Fiorillo A, Giacco D, De Rosa C, Kallert T, Katsakou C, Onchev G, Raboch J, Mastrogianni A, Del Vecchio V, Luciano M, Catapano F, Dembinskas A, Nawka P, Kiejna A, Torres‐Gonzales F, Kjellin L, Maj M,Expand
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Risk factors of treatment resistance in major depression: association with bipolarity.
BACKGROUND An undiagnosed and therefore inadequately treated bipolarity may be an important cause of drug resistance in depression diagnosed as unipolar. The study aimed to detect clinical andExpand
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Violence at the workplace--a questionnaire survey of nurses.
BACKGROUND In the health sector, anywhere in the world nurses are one of the most exposed groups to violence. However, it is not obvious that psychiatric nurses (PNs) are more exposed to aggressionExpand
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