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Phylogenetic relationships of Old World Brassicaceae from Iran based on nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences
Phylogenetic analysis of 155 nuclear rDNA ITS sequences used to elucidate phylogenetic relationships of Old World Brassicaceae from Iran in the context of the most recent tribal system suggested by Al-Shehbaz et al indicates that the Orychophragmus clade may be recognized as a new tribe. Expand
Essential oil composition of four Hypericum species from Iran
L., is used as a valuable medicinal plant for nervous exhaustion, depression, and seasonal affective disorders [3]. This genus contains a wide range of different natural product classes, includingExpand
Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants of Sirjan in Kerman Province, Iran.
Despite the semi-desert climate and lack of rich vegetation, many medicinal and economic plants are found in Sirjan region and calls for a restrict control over their protection by the authorities are called for. Expand
Polygonum khajeh-jamali (Polygonaceae), a New Species from Iran
The leaf epidermis contains a layer of tanniniferous cells with thick walls absent in the other closely similar species of Polygonum, and is characterized by its coriaceous leaves. Expand
Isolation of Cryptococcus neoformans from pigeon (Columba livia) droppings in northern Iran
Nine hundred and eighty three specimens of pigeon droppings, collected in different regions of northern Iran, were examind. Of these samples, 175 (17.8%) were positive for Cryptococcus neoformans.Expand
Composition of the Essential Oil of Teucrium persicum Boiss. From Iran
Abstract The essential oil of Teucrium persicum Boiss. was obtained by hydrodistillation of the aerial parts of the plant and analyzed by GC and GC/MS. Eighty-one components representing 93.5% of theExpand
Nepetalactones as chemotaxonomic markers in the essential oils of Nepeta species
This paper presents a meta-analyses of seven major classes of natural compounds found in the EMMARM database and shows that three of them, namely phosphorous, cadmium, nitrogen and phosphorus, are major raw materials for the construction of EMTs. Expand
Essential oil composition of Tripleurospermum disciforme from Iran
Biogeochemical study of chromite bearing zones in Forumad area, Sabzevar ophiolite, Northeastern Iran
Abstract Chromite ores in Forumad area from Sabzevar ophiolite belt, northeastern Iran are surrounded by magmatic dunite that is rich in nickel as compared with other ultramafics. Chromium isExpand