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Conductivity studies of starch-based polymer electrolytes
A proton-conducting polymer electrolyte based on starch and ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) has been prepared through solution casting method. Ionic conductivity for the system was conducted over a wideExpand
Conductivity studies of a chitosan-based polymer electrolyte
Abstract Ionic conductivity for the chitosan-NH 4 CF 3 SO 3 system was conducted over a wide range of frequency and at temperatures between 298 and 313 K. Dielectric data were analyzed using complexExpand
Conductivity and Dielectric Studies of Methylcellulose/Chitosan-NH4CF3SO3 Polymer Electrolyte
Films of methyl cellulose (MC) /chitosan blends were prepared via solution casting technique and their properties with different amount of ammonium trilate, NH4CF3SO3 were compared. Measurements ofExpand
Conductivity and dielectric behaviour studies of starch/PEO+x wt-%NH4NO3 polymer electrolyte
Abstract Polymer blending is used to overcome the disadvantage of pure starch film, and in the present study, starch has been blended with poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO). The X-ray diffraction studyExpand
Characterizations of chitosan-ammonium triflate (NH4CF3SO3) complexes by FTIR and impedance spectroscopy
Polymer electrolytes using chitosan and ammonium triflate (NH4CF3SO3) were prepared using the solution cast technique. FTIR confirms the complexation of chitosan and NH4CF3SO3 with shifting of theExpand
Conductivity studies on chitosan/PEO blends with LiTFSI salt
Chitosan/PEO-LiTFSI films have been prepared by the solution cast technique. The highest conductivity at room temperature was 1.4 × 10−6 Scm−1 and the activation energy was 0.47 eV for chitosan/PEOExpand
Transport studies on filler-doped chitosan based polymer electrolyte
The room temperature conductivity of the chitosan complex containing 40 wt.% of salt increased from 6.02×10−6 Scm−1 to 2.10×10−5 Scm−1 after the addition of 1.0 wt.% aluminosilicate. Conductivity ofExpand
Electrical Properties of Starch/Chitosan-Nh4no3 Polymer Electrolyte
Electrical and structural studies of polymer electrolyte based on chitosan/methyl cellulose blend doped with BMIMTFSI
In this study, blended polymer electrolyte of methylcellulose (MC)/chitosan (CS) was prepared with different weight percentage of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethyl sulfonyl) imideExpand
Ionic conductivity of chitosan membranes and application for electrochemical devices
Lithium (Li+)- and proton (H+)-conducting chitosan-based electrolytes have been prepared using the solution cast technique. The experimental results obtained using chitosan as the host polymer areExpand