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A compact submicrosecond, high current generator.
Pulsed current generator was developed for experiments with current carrying pulsed plasma. Main parts of the generator are capacitor bank, low inductive current driving lines, and central load part.Expand
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Arc Motion and Electrode Erosion in High-Current Rail Spark Gaps
  • A. Kharlov
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
  • 26 July 2010
Large capacitive energy storage systems are being implemented for powerful laser systems, electromagnetic launchers, and other pulsed power systems. Such megajoule-class modularized capacitor banksExpand
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High-voltage pulsed generator for dynamic fragmentation of rocks.
A portable high-voltage (HV) pulsed generator has been designed for rock fragmentation experiments. The generator can be used also for other technological applications. The installation consists ofExpand
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Pulse generators based on air-insulated linear-transformer-driver stages
In this paper we present the design and test results of pulse generators based on air-insulated lineartransformer-driver stages that drive a vacuum transmission line. A custom designed unit, referredExpand
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Two-electrode gas switch with electrodynamical acceleration of a discharge channel.
High-energy switches and trigger generators are required for MJ-level capacitor banks. We have developed a compact gas switch and a matched series injection trigger generator. A series inductance isExpand
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Three-electrode gas switches with electrodynamical acceleration of a discharge channel.
High voltage, high current, and high Coulomb transfer closing switches are required for many high power pulsed systems. There are a few alternatives for closing switches, for example, ignitrons,Expand
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40 GW Linear Transformer Driver stage for pulse generators of Mega-ampere range
We present the design and test results for a new LTD stage, that operates at 100 kV charging voltage. Expand
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Electron-beam accelerator for pumping of a Xe2 lamp
A high-current electron-beam accelerator for pumping of a Xe 2 lamp was developed. It is intended for injection of an electron beam into cylindrical gas cavity (diameter of 400 mm, length of 1600 mm,Expand
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High-voltage pulsed generators for electro-discharge technologies
A high-voltage pulse technology is one of effective techniques for the disintegration and milling of rocks, separation of ores and synthesized materials, recycling of building and elastoplasticExpand
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