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Radial Velocity Variations of the Na I D Lines for the High-Latitude Supergiant Star 89 Her
The variations in the spectral parameters of the sodium doublet Na I D line of the high-latitude supergiant 89 Her were investigated on the basis of the spectrograms obtained at the 2-m telescope of
A study of the supergiant 89 Her
We have used spectrograms taken with a dispersion of 8–12 Å per mm and Kurucz model atmospheres to study the supergiant 89 Her (F2Ibe).We find the effective temperature and gravity Teff = 6300 ± 150
Analysis and synthesis of a three-dimensional six-link mechanism
The structure and kinematics of a three-dimensional six-link mechanism with two input links are analyzed. Such mechanisms are widely used in the food industry.
Validity of measurements for use in assessment of the state of the electric power system
  • A. Khalilov, A. Mirzaev
  • Environmental Science
    IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental…
  • 18 December 2020