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Investigating the Digital Addiction Level of the University Students According to Their Purposes for Using Digital Tools.
This study was carried out to investigate the digital addiction (DA) level of the university students according to their purposes for using digital tools. 527 students studying at the faculties ofExpand
The Development of the Digital Addiction Scale for the University Students: Reliability and Validity Study
This study was carried out to develop a scale for determining the level of digital addiction of the youth. In this study carried out with a group of 687 students from Siirt, Dicle and ErzincanExpand
An Examination of High School Students ' Level of Responsibility According to Several Variables
Bu çalışma lise öğrencilerinin sorumluluk düzeylerini cinsiyet, okul türü ve sınıf seviyesine göre incelemek amacıyla yapılmıştır. Genel tarama yöntemi ile gerçekleştirilen bu çalışmanınExpand
The Effects Of The Movie, "Every Child Is Unique", On The Perceptions Of Qualified Instructor Nominees About Apprentice Training As For Adult Education Program
Apprenticeship training has been performed in terms of traditional methods. The apprentices who start working at an early age alongside the qualified instructors are supposed to specialize withinExpand
Do Social Students Use Social Media More Often
It was found out that the sociability points of the students differed significantly depending on the frequency of their Youtube, Instagram, and WhatsApp use, but not depending on their Facebook use. Expand
Developing Stress Scale for Secondary School Students: Reliability and Validity Study
This study was carried out to develop a scale that aims at defining the stress level of the secondary school students within a few days before they take a mandatory state exam called TEOG (GeneralExpand
The Effect of Conscientiousness as Personality Trait and Gender on Digital Game Addiction in High School Students
This study aims to investigate the effect of conscientiousness and gender on digital game addiction in high school students. This study has been conducted to 470 students from three vocationalExpand
Does Mathematics Anxiety Have Any Impact on Secondary School Pupils' Friend Choices?
This research was conducted in order to determine whether math anxiety was effective in the selection of secondary school students. This research, in which the mixed method was adopted, was conductedExpand