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Streaming on twitch: fostering participatory communities of play within live mixed media
It is found that Twitch streams act as virtual third places, in which informal communities emerge, socialize, and participate, and implications for design of live mixed-media environments to support participatory online communities are drawn. Expand
Using Metrics of Curation to Evaluate Information-Based Ideation
A quantitative methodology for evaluating IBI support tools, building on prior creative cognition research in engineering design to derive a battery of ideation metrics of curation, and hypothesizes that MI2C generates provocative stimuli that help users overcome fixation to become more creative on IBI tasks. Expand
The Team Coordination Game: Zero-fidelity simulation abstracted from fire emergency response practice
This work synthesizes the sustained iterative design and evaluation of the Team Coordination Game and develops and applies new experimental methods to show that participants learn to cooperate and communicate, applying what they learn in practice. Expand
High-performance pen + touch modality interactions: a real-time strategy game eSports context
This work uses the situated context of real-time strategy (RTS) games to address the design and evaluation of new pen + touch interaction techniques, and develops bi-manual overloading, an approach to reduce the total number of occurrences of NDH retargeting. Expand
Collection understanding
Implicit coordination in firefighting practice: design implications for teaching fire emergency responders
An ethnographic investigation that includes interviews with experienced fire emergency responders and observations of team burn training exercises with students distill salient components of firefighting practice, which are relevant to the design of fire emergency response education systems. Expand
combinFormation: Mixed-initiative composition of image and text surrogates promotes information discovery
In a field study in an interdisciplinary course on The Design Process, over a hundred students alternated using combinFormation and Google+Word to collect prior work on information discovery invention assignments, and the students that used combin formation's mixed-initiative composition of image and text surrogates performed better. Expand
Everyday ideation: all of my ideas are on pinterest
It is found that through collecting, organizing, and sharing image bookmarks, users of Pinterest engage in processes of everyday ideation, which derives implications for the design of curation environments that support information-based ideation. Expand
Queer Visibility: Supporting LGBT+ Selective Visibility on Social Media
Give people abilities to present themselves with selective visibility, enabling choices about privacy and sharing, in contrast with the HCI design principle of indiscriminate 'making visible'. Expand
Distributed Liveness: Understanding How New Technologies Transform Performance Experiences
Findings show that distributed performances and technology need to support flexible social co-presence and new methods for sensing subtle audience responses and conveying engagement abstractly. Expand