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Characterization of the enhancement effect of Na2CO3 on the sulfur capture capacity of limestones.
It has been known for a long time that certain additives (e.g., NaCl, CaCl2, Na2CO3, Fe2O3) can increase the sulfur dioxide capture-capacity of limestones. In a recent study we demonstrated that veryExpand
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Quantifying Amorphous Phases
Traditional quantitative phase analysis using the Rietveld method fails to take into account the occurrence of amorphous material and without careful attention on behalf of the operator its presenceExpand
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D-26 Quantitative Analysis of Phases with Partial or No Known Crystal Structure
The method of quantitative analysis of phases with Partial Or No Known Crystal Structure, PONKCS [1], allows the accurate quantification of compounds, where the classic Rietveld method or otherExpand
Quantitative XRD phase analysis
Rainer Schmidt and Arnt Kern, Bruker AXS GmbH, Germany examine the benefits of using TOPAS software in conjunction with process diffractometers, including a PSD to fully control clinker kilnExpand
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Fluorocronite, the natural analogue of β-PbF2, from the Sakha Republic, Russian Federation
Fluorocronite (Фторокронит), ideally PbF 2 , is a new mineral (IMA2010–023), from the Kupol’noe deposit, Sarychev range, Sakha Republic, Russian Federation. It occurs intimately mixed withExpand
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IN THIS ISSUE Powder Diffraction in Mining and Minerals
CPD Chairman’s message, Paolo Scardi 2 Editor’s message, Gert Kruger and Lachlan Cranswick 2 WWW sites related to Powder Diffraction 5 IUCr Commission on Powder Diffraction 5 Powder Diffraction inExpand
Reviews in Depth 371 Coronary collateral channels-- physiology and functional importance
The protective effects and the prognostic importance of collaterals duringandafteracutemyocardial infarction(MI) are underdebateandheart rate variability(HRV) isastrongpredictor of risk ofmortalityExpand