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The many faces of publish/subscribe
This paper factors out the common denominator underlying these variants: full decoupling of the communicating entities in time, space, and synchronization to better identify commonalities and divergences with traditional interaction paradigms.
Scribe: a large-scale and decentralized application-level multicast infrastructure
Simulation results, based on a realistic network topology model, show that Scribe scales across a wide range of groups and group sizes, and balances the load on the nodes while achieving acceptable delay and link stress when compared with Internet protocol multicast.
SplitStream: high-bandwidth multicast in cooperative environments
The design and implementation of SplitStream are presented and experimental results show that SplitStream distributes the forwarding load among all peers and can accommodate peers with different bandwidth capacities while imposing low overhead for forest construction and maintenance.
Gossip-based peer sampling
This paper presents a generic framework to implement a peer-sampling service in a decentralized manner by constructing and maintaining dynamic unstructured overlays through gossiping membership information itself, which generalizes existing approaches and makes it easy to discover new ones.
Lightweight probabilistic broadcast
This paper presents lightweight probabilistic broadcast (lpbcast), a novel gossip-based broadcast algorithm, which complements the inherent throughput scalability of traditional probabilism broadcast algorithms with a scalable memory management technique.
SCRIBE: The Design of a Large-Scale Event Notification Infrastructure
Scribe is built on top of Pastry, a generic peer-to-peer object location and routing substrate overlayed on the Internet, and leverages Pastry's reliability, self-organization and locality properties.
SplitStream: High-Bandwidth Content Distribution in Cooperative Environments
SplitStream is a high-bandwidth content distribution system based on application-level multicast that distributes the forwarding load among all the participants, and is able to accommodate participating nodes with different bandwidth capacities.
Peer-to-Peer Membership Management for Gossip-Based Protocols
This paper presents SCAMP (Scalable Membership protocol), a novel peer-to-peer membership protocol which operates in a fully decentralized manner and provides each member with a partial view of the group membership and proposes additional mechanisms to achieve balanced view sizes even with highly unbalanced subscription patterns.
Scribe: A Large-Scale and Decentralized
This paper presents Scribe, a scalable application- level multicast infrastructure. Scribe supports large numbers of groups, with a potentially large number of members per group. Scribe is built on
Probabilistic Reliable Dissemination in Large-Scale Systems
This paper provides a theoretical analysis of gossip-based protocols which relates their reliability to key system parameters (the system size, failure rates, and number of gossip targets) and shows how reliability can be maintained while alleviating drawback.