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Unitary representations of the Virasoro and super-Virasoro algebras
It is shown that a method previously given for constructing representations of the Virasoro algebra out of representations of affine Kac-Moody algebras yields the full discrete series of highest
No signaling and quantum key distribution.
A key distribution scheme provably secure against general attacks by a postquantum eavesdropper limited only by the impossibility of superluminal signaling is described, which stems from violation of a Bell inequality.
Many worlds? : Everett, quantum theory, and reality
Many Worlds: an Introduction 1. WHY MANY WORLDS? 1. Decoherence and Ontology 2. Quasiclassical Realms 3. Macroscopic Superpositions, Decoherent Histories, and the Emergence of Hydrodynamical
Private randomness expansion with untrusted devices
This work introduces a protocol for private randomness expansion with untrusted devices which is designed to take as input an initially private random string and produce as output a longerPrivate random string.
Secure quantum signatures using insecure quantum channels
This work was supported by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) under EP/G009821/1 and EP/K022717/1. P.W. gratefully acknowledges support from the COST Action MP1006.
On the consistent histories approach to quantum mechanics
We review the consistent histories formulations of quantum mechanics developed by Griffiths, Omnès, and Gell-Mann and Hartle, and describe the classification of consistent sets. We illustrate some
Maximally Non-Local and Monogamous Quantum Correlations
We introduce a version of the chained Bell inequality for an arbitrary number of measurement outcomes and use it to give a simple proof that the maximally entangled state of two d-dimensional quantum
Unconditionally Secure Bit Commitment
  • A. Kent
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 22 October 1998
A new classical bit commitment protocol based on cryptographic constraints imposed by special relativity that evades the no-go results of Mayers, Lo and Chau by requiring from Alice a sequence of communications, including a post-revelation verification, each of which is guaranteed to be independent of its predecessor.