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Testing for Significance
This chapter discusses the general strategy of significance testing. In literary contexts, significance testing can be useful in connection with authorship attribution. The first step in significanceExpand
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Action, Emotion and Will.
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A New History of Western Philosophy
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Objects of thought
Divided into two parts, the first concentrates on the logical properties of propositions, their relation to facts and sentences, and the parallel objects of commands and questions. The second partExpand
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Human Abilities and Dynamic Modalities
In his pioneering Essay in Modal Logic, G. H. von Wright, after system- atising the uses of various modal words, said in a concluding note An important use of [the modal words] is connected with theExpand
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The Legacy of Wittgenstein.
The first four essays in this guide are devoted to the study of Wittgenstein's own ideas about philosophy. The remaining six apply his ideas to the work of other thinkers. (Philosophy)
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Descartes: A Study Of His Philosophy
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An Illustrated Brief History of Western Philosophy
Preface. List Of Illustrations. Acknowledgements. 1. Philosophy in its Infancy. 2. The Athens of Socrates. 3. The Philosophy of Plato. 4. The System of Aristotle. 5. Greek Philosophy after Aristotle.Expand
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