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The Army in the Roman Revolution
That the army was a major factor in the downfall of the Roman Republic has never been in dispute. However its role has never been properly understood because ofand adequate methodology. The presentExpand
Sulla, the last republican
1. The World of Sulla 2. The Early Years: 138-105 BC 3. The Long Road: 104-189 BC 4. Triumph and Disaster: The Year 88 BC 5. Rome's Proconsul: The War with Mithridates 6. Settling Scores: Asia andExpand
Lucullus: A Life
Preface, Chapter I: Lucius Licinius Lucullus and the Luculli Chapter II: Master and Pupil Chapter III: The Politic Man Chapter IV: The Consulship Chapter V: Confronting the King: The War withExpand
Persia and Greece
The first encounter between Greek and Persian forces came in 547 bce, when Cyrus the Great defeated Croesus of Lydia. Keywords: ancient Near East history; political history
The Trial of Orontas: Xenophon, Anabasis I, 6
This paper considers some of the historical problems involved in Xenophon’s account of Cyrus the Younger’s execution of Orontas. It is suggested that instinct and political calculation made CyrusExpand
The Crimen Maiestatis under Caligula: the evidence of Dio Cassius
In Dio we first encounter Caligula in connection with the crimen maiestatis in the course of 59.1–5. This forms an introduction to Caligula and, at the same time, looks forward to some of the changesExpand